Assessment Process

All Assessors must provide feedback on each scheme visited, together with a recommendation as to whether a scheme should be considered by National Panel members for an Award or Commendation.

Awards are given to projects that make an outstanding contribution to the quality and appearance of the built environment. Award level schemes demonstrate excellence in architecture or design, whilst being sustainable, accessible and provide a positive civic contribution.

Commendations are given to projects that make a significant contribution to the quality and appearance of the built environment. Commendation level schemes demonstrate a good standard of architecture or design, whilst being sustainable, accessible and provide a positive civic contribution.

All schemes which do not meet the standard required for an Award or Commendation should be deemed unsuccessful.

Upholding Standards

All schemes recommended by Assessor Teams will be reviewed by the Civic Trust Awards National Panel, who consider all schemes in a National context. On this basis, the National Panel reserves the right to uphold, promote or demote any recommendations made by Assessor Teams.

Assessors should ensure that the schemes recommended to National Panel for an Award or Commendation should be of sufficient quality and deserving of national recognition. The scheme is equally as encouraging of small community projects as it is of large prestigious schemes delivering community benefit. However, we have seen a number of schemes referred to the panel that are falling short of national standards. Should you require further guidance on the standards required for recommendations to National Panel, please email us

Assessor Teams

Each Assessor Team can comprise of:

  • Architect Assessor
  • Inclusive Design Assessor
  • Local Community Advisor
  • Local Authority Representative
  • Student Representative

The Process

The Civic Trust Awards receive entries from applicants via the CTA on-line application system which opens in May each year. Application documentation and supporting documents will then be available to view by our Assessor Teams after the closing date for entries. We will then notify Assessors of the names and contact details of the other Assessor Team members.

A mutually convenient date and time is then arranged bewteen all Team members for visits to take place. The Civic Trust Awards team will then notify the applicant of the date and time of the assessment visit. Should the applicant not be able to accommodate the visit on the date/time specificed, the application will then be referred directly to National Panel for a desk assessment.

The on-site assessment of each project should take no longer than 1 hour.

The assessment visits will be planned to take place in a logical order in order to minimise travel and disruption to the assessor team members.  Assessors will be met onsite, if access provision is needed, by a member of staff from the project. Please note, as per the Application Guidance - should Assessors need to be accompanied during the visit for access or security purposes, this is acceptable. However this should be provided by a member of staff onsite and NOT the applicant or architect involved in the project. We do not require Assessors to have a presentation of the scheme by the applicant/architect as they have access to all application materials online. Where possible, 20 minutes should be set aside at the end of the day for a ‘debrief’ before the team disbands for the day.  This ensures that all members of the team have had an opportunity to put their opinion across to other members, in addition to agreeing on whether the project(s) visited are to be considered for an Award/Commendation or deemed unsuccessful. 

On completion of the assessments, all members of the assessment team must complete their feedback reports online via the Civic Trust Awards website – Assessment Centre.

The Assessment Deadline

All assessment visits need to be completed and Assessor feedback reports uploaded online for each scheme before the deadline of Friday 25th October. Assessment feedback should be provided by all members of the Assessment Team individually.