Assessor Application Form

The Civic Trust Awards assessment teams are made up of up to four people. We aim to provide as many people as possible, with a wealth of knowledge and experience, the opportunity to undertake assessment visits. Ensuring that entries are fully judged, debated and considered for a Civic Trust Award. Judging is blind and Assessors not only consider architectural design merit, but sustainable building practice, accessibility for all and whether a scheme has made a positive impact on the community they serve. We are proud of the high standards our judging process has, and that the Civic Trust Awards is the only awards scheme in the built environment industry that considers all of these elements within its judging criteria. 

  • Architect Assessors - experienced professional who considers the scheme for architectural/design merit and its sustainability credentials.
  • Inclusive Design Assessors - ID or Access professional who advises the team on the ID principles and accessibility for all users.
  • Community Assessors - a retired or practising architect or built environment professional from the local area. A non-professional local community representative, civic society, community group etc with an interest in the built environment and architecture/design to advise assessment team of local opinion.
  • Local Authority Representatives - a member of the local or county council who can provide guidance on specific or non-specific planning issues relating to the scheme.

    Personal Details

    Online access to your assessments and feedback reports will be sent to this email address.

    We would be grateful if you could provide both your home address and work address (if applicable) so that we may assign you to an assessment team on the basis of your locality to the applications submitted. This will assist in ensuring we retain the community dimension of the awards scheme and also minimise travel disruption.

    Please include details of other awards schemes.

    Assessment Information

    If we are unable to assign you to an area near your home or work address, any information provided here will provide us with some flexibility when assigning the assessor teams should an opportunity arise to undertake assessments elsewhere in the UK

    Additional Information

    Please email a copy of your CV to if this has been requested.

    By submitting this form, you agree that you are aware of the time and work involved in becoming an assessor; that you are willing to act as an assessor for the Civic Trust Awards in this (and subsequent) years; that your name, email, telephone number and mobile number will be forwarded to other members of your assessment team only; that you adhere to the deadlines as prescribed by the Civic Trust Awards Team; that you will keep all decisions of the judging confidential until the Civic Trust Awards Team make a formal announcement.

    Please note: Our assessors are allocated by locality to their home/work address and we endeavour to assign assessors on a rotational basis. If you are not offered the opportunity to undertake any assessments in any one year, your details will be retained and you may be considered for assessor allocation at the next application round.

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