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The Civic Trust Awards is independent, impartial and above all, retains an emphasis of rewarding schemes that demonstrate positive environmental and community impact.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Membership of the Civic Trust Awards supports the delivery of the scheme and the valuable work of our volunteer assessors.

Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Wilkinson Eyre Architects is among the UK’s leading design practices, and is responsible for a large portfolio of international projects. We have designed highly successful projects in diverse market sectors including transport, the arts, commercial, infrastructure, masterplanning, bridge design, industrial, retail, leisure, educational, cultural and residential buildings, as well as component and systems design.

Our architecture is based on an informed use of technology and materials, combining a commitment to the spirit of the new with a strong awareness of context. Our approach is based on the establishment of a clear brief and a legible working diagram through close liaison with the client from the earliest stages of a project.

The designs of Wilkinson Eyre are widely recognised and have received extensive media, public and professional acclaim as well as numerous awards. The practice’s reputation is founded on a commitment to quality, programme and value for money which is demonstrated by a large number of repeat commissions from leading clients.


BDP is a major international, interdisciplinary practice of architects, designers, engineers and urbanists.

We work closely with users, clients and the community to create special places for living, working, shopping, culture and learning across the world.

Founded in 1961, we now have studios across the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, the MENA region, India, and China. BDP has a leading track record in all major sectors including health, education, workplace, retail, urbanism, heritage, housing, transport, leisure, public safety and energy utilities.

We combine expertise across disciplines, locations, sectors and all major building types to deliver a truly integrated way of working — resulting in high quality, effective and inspiring built spaces.


ADP was founded in 1965 in Henley, Oxfordshire, by two neighbouring architects. By 1980, we numbered around 30 staff and numbers increased further when a small studio was established in southwest England. At this time, the practice’s work was diverse and ranged across a number of sectors: this diversity and adaptability has stayed with us ever since.

By 2000, ADP had organically grown with studios in Oxford, London and Yeovil with a new studio opening that same year in Birmingham. This growth led to major structural change in 2002, when we converted to a limited liability partnership. The opening of our Manchester studio in 2007 continued our growth and commitment to design delivery through local studios, supported by national resources. 2010 saw the same pattern, but this time on an international footing with the creation of ADP Building Consultancy Pvt Ltd. (also known as ADP), a subsidiary of ADP LLP in the UK. Our newest studio, located in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, opened in 2011, following the merger of ADP with local northeast practice, GWK Architects. We also relocated our Yeovil studio to nearby Sherborne.

Today, ADP consists of over 100 staff from different design disciplines, across seven studio locations. We provide an integrated service that allows us to provide solutions for spaces both inside and out.

Keith Williams Architects

Keith Williams Architects is a multi-award winning architectural design practice with a fast growing international reputation for the creation of dramatic, innovative sustainable architecture. Founded in 2001, the firm has received more than 20 major design and construction awards for its built projects and was winner of the prestigious BD Public Building Architect of the Year Award in both 2006 & 2008. The firm works across a broad range of sectors for public and private clients and is a leading specialist designer of museum, gallery, library, civic and performing arts buildings. The firm’s broader portfolio includes commercial development, residential projects, high rise towers, one off high end houses, urban design and masterplanning studies. With projects in Ireland, Spain, Germany, Norway, Denmark and Italy, and the UK, the firm has worked internationally across a range of project scale and type. The firm currently employs a multi-national multi-lingual staff of over 20 architects and designers, in the firm’s central London studio, where Keith Williams working alongside fellow director Richard Brown, personally initiates and oversees the design and construction of all of the practice’s commissions. Each new project is developed in close consultation with the firm’s clients, ensuring that every scheme is as closely tailored to client requirements, cost and project delivery, and to the highest possible quality that project budgets can provide.

Emrys Architects

Emrys has developed a portfolio of high-profile cultural, residential and commercial buildings peppered with tiny, quirky projects - all approached with the same intellectual curiosity, attention to detail, and flair. We are a practice with a purpose. Emrys has a real sense of excitement, an understanding that the ethos that underpins our work is perfectly in tune with the times. We value on-going relationships over one-off quick-fix deals; lasting performance over short-term gain. Our purpose is to deliver buildings that respect the environment, enrich their context, and withstand the test of time. But perhaps most of all, our purpose is to get to know our clients, to understand how they want to live and work, and to help them to realise their dreams. Emrys is driven by a belief that time spent listening to clients, exploring ideas, on teaching, or learning, is never wasted time. That investment in thought and dialogue and design pays for itself several times over in terms of reduced build and running costs, efficient delivery, added value and quality of results. That the most elegant, coherent, solution represents the distillation of a thousand conversations and ideas.

Nicholas Hare Architects

Nicholas Hare Architects is an award-winning design practice. We enjoy working collaboratively to create exemplary architecture: buildings that create a sense of place, that are sustainable both environmentally and socially, and that achieve good value for our clients through rigorous attention to detail. Working together requires understanding and a broad-minded approach. Achieving excellence requires clarity, imagination and the relentless pursuit of quality.

Our strength stems from a combination of energy and inventiveness, with a professional sense of responsibility towards our clients. Many clients value what we do highly enough to come back to us again and again. Our record of second and third commissions, and more, is testimony to the care we devote to responding to the real needs of our clients.

Our work is not limited by sectors. We bring design flair and experience to new challenges, creating invigorating solutions that are responsive to site, brief, and aspirations. Most of our commissions have come through recommendations from previous clients, and our reputation has been enhanced by success in architectural competitions.

The quality of our work has been widely acknowledged through the many design awards and commendations we receive year on year. The success of our collaborative approach has lead to many positive endorsements from clients, partners, and collaborators.

FaulknerBrowns Architects

FaulknerBrowns is an architectural design practice with a national and international reputation. Formed in 1962, the practice has maintained its ambition to deliver award-winning buildings which provide inspiring environments in which to live, learn, work and play. Our headquarters office is located in Newcastle upon Tyne from which we service projects across the UK, Europe and worldwide. Our practice culture of research and innovation has resulted in our projects redefining a number of building typologies creating an architecture which responds appropriately to the demands of today's society. At FaulknerBrowns, we continually push the boundaries of our knowledge, to learn from past experience informing future design projects so that we are always moving forward in our design approach. This philosophy permeates the whole of our business: in the management of our office, our staff, our projects, our skills and expertise.  We are acutely aware of the influence our buildings have upon society and have over 40 years designed facilities which have won over 120 design awards - this represents an independent benchmark of the quality of the buildings we have delivered.

Hugh Broughton Architects

Hugh Broughton Architects are one of the established talents of contemporary British architecture with a portfolio of high quality and elegant designs spanning the cultural, science and business sectors. Pushing the frontiers of design and technology our projects are characterised by innovative, well-built spaces, which are a delight to use.

Our company has been built around a core of experienced architects who have worked together for many years and who understand each other’s strengths and skills. Our work is carried out in a friendly, lively and financially secure atmosphere. Our team spirit allows us to quickly adapt to changing situations. This flexibility lies at the heart of our practice.

In 2012, the practice won the ‘International Breakthrough Architect of the Year Award’ at the prestigious Building Design Awards, in recognition of their work in Polar Regions. The award is given to ‘the practice that has shown the most imagination opening up work in an international market’. The judges praised the firm for ‘engaging with the special issues of place rather than exporting a British architecture abroad’.

Knight Architects

Knight Architects has established a lead position in the specialist field of bridge and infrastructure design. Formed in 2006, the practice was founded on the unique experience, skills and passion for bridge design which Martin Knight has built up over more than 18 years in leading architecture and engineering practice. The award-winning studio now comprises a skilled team with extensive experience and market-leading skills working on projects around the world, yet it remains true to its founding principles: that good design is vital and that memorable and beautiful solutions are based on a clear understanding of function, context, budget and time.

We work in harmony with clients and leading bridge engineers worldwide to create distinctive designs which serve communities, strengthen identity and generate value. Our projects are often in high-profile or sensitive locations and in the cultural and political spotlight, and we are skilled at creating appropriate, beautiful and contextual designs which blend architectural sensitivity, economy and engineering efficiency.  

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

Sandwell is a large, multicultural metropolitan borough situated in the heart of the Black Country. Located to the west of Birmingham, it has a population of over 308,000 and is made up of six main towns: Oldbury, Rowley Regis, Smethwick, Tipton, Wednesbury and West Bromwich.

Our borough is home to a significant regeneration programme. It has a large number of council houses which are undergoing comprehensive modernisation.  A programme to modernise services for children and young people is also underway.

Sandwell Council is the largest employer in the borough with approximately 10,600 employees. Together, they provide a comprehensive range of services.

Haverstock Associates

Haverstock is an architectural practice that puts people first. Our buildings are designed to enhance people’s lives, and in their own small way, make the world a better place. For us, the process of architecture is collaborative and democratic — we want clients and people who use the buildings to have a voice, and to shape the way their building ends up.

We focus on specialist public-sector projects, using fresh eyes and lateral thinking to tackle varied and complex briefs. With over 30 years’ experience, we’ve designed buildings of all kinds — specialist schools and colleges, police stations and firing ranges, churches and crematoria, social housing and offices.

We’re a medium-sized practice, and each job the studio takes on is led by one of our three partners. As well as the usual architectural services, we also can help out with client design advisor services, technical guidance, and design review. We’ve won our fair share of awards, but what’s more important to us is that our contribution makes a real difference in the community, and to the people who cross the threshold every day.

Curl La Tourelle Head

Curl La Tourelle Head are a progressive and contemporary community of architects that focuses on sustainable and practical designs through a creative dialogue with our clients, consultants, contractors and communities. We will translate aspirations into appropriate, innovative and joyful buildings through integrated, context-specific design.

Our experienced team will create an individual solution for each project, large or small. Continuous attention to detail ensures the highest quality at each work stage. We welcome new challenges and apply knowledge gained from completed projects to new situations. Our hard-working buildings ensure maximum quality and value. We will listen to you, and we will act on what we hear.

Gluckman Smith

Gluckman Smith are Award-winning architects with a strong belief in the power of architecture to change all our lives for the better. Working alongside our clients, we create robust and elegant buildings which allow people to thrive.

We know that a new building can be a significant undertaking, and we take pleasure in guiding our clients through the creative and building processes. We ask the right questions, listen carefully, and help our clients distil and realise their vision. And we understand the importance of respecting their budget and timeframe.

Design Engine Architects

Barr Gazetas

Collective Architecture Ltd