Brighton College Music School

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Civic Trust Awards

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South East

Local Authority Area

Brighton & Hove

Information about this scheme

Situated to the north of Scott’s Main School Building, in an area of the campus that had become congested by accretive infill buildings, the design has reordered the area providing, in addition to new performance and teaching spaces, a new extension to the historic Dining Hall and improved circulation. The recital hall overlooks the playing field to the north with a steeply pitched roof that echoes the gables of the adjacent Scott Buildings. The roof, which hovers above the recital hall, allows a continuous band of clerestory windows to culminate in the high glazed wall overlooking the playing fields. A palette of high quality materials, including stone, ground the building in its context. The glazed terracotta tiles on the floating roof announce the significance of this building’s place within the school and are patterned to ascend, like a musical score, from earth to sky. A place of celebration, with views over the home ground to the north, the musical life of the school is visible to the whole school community.



Brighton College


Eric Parry Architects

Quantity Surveyor

Academy Consulting Solutions Ltd

Services Engineer

Skelly and Couch

Structural Engineer

Momentum Consulting Engineers

Acoustic Consultant

Gillieron Scott Acoustic Design

Fire Engineering

The Fire Surgery

Theatre Consultant


Primary Use Class

Class D1c - Education