Medieval Museum Waterford

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Photography credit: © Philip Lauterbach

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Republic of Ireland

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This stunning Museum is the only purpose-built medieval museum in Ireland and the first modern Irish building to incorporate two medieval buildings, the 13th century Choristers’ Hall and the 15th century Mayor’s Wine Vault. The semi-circular, streamlined front façade is clad with Bath stone and is 'wrapped around' the back of the Cathedral, creating a link between the two beautiful squares to the sides. While internally, four levels envelop the Garden Room which gives access to the medieval buildings, City Hall and the Theatre Royal on the lower ground floor. The ground floor contains the entrance lobby, museum shop and reception desk and the two upper floors each have an AV theatre and exhibition gallery. As you approach the Museum, the glass pavement provides views to the Choristers’ Hall below and the façade overhangs framing a gateway portal into the building. The Medieval Museum puts a new vibrant heart into the old city centre, making the Viking Triangle a major tourism destination by providing a flagship museum and visitor attraction.



Waterford City Council Architects: Rupert Maddock, Bartosz Rojowski, Agnieszka Rojowska


ROJO studio


Waterford City Council

Inclusive Design Consultant

Waterford City Council Architects: Rupert Madock, Bartosz Rojowski, Agnieszka Rojowska

Interior Designer

Waterford City Council Architects: Rupert Madock, Bartosz Rojowski, Agnieszka Rojowska

Landscape Designer


Main Contractor

Tom O'Brien Construction


Waterford City Council

Project Manager

Malone O'Regan Consultant Engineers

Quantity Surveyor

Nolan Construction Consultants

Services Engineer


Structural Engineer

Frank Fox & Associates Consultant Engineers


Stephen Burke

Conservation Architect

Bluett O'Donoghue Architects


Ali Jay

Specialist Sub-Contractor

S McConnell & Sons

Specialist Sub-Contractor

Simon I Hill

Primary Use Class

Class D1e - Museums