Sugarhouse Close

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Photography credit: © (C)Michael Wolchover

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Local Authority Area

Edinburgh, City of


Information about this scheme

Accommodation for 300 student bed spaces on a tight Grade C Listed site, embedded within the Edinburgh World Heritage Site in the Old Town. The development retains a number of historic industrial buildings at its heart, made visible from a new Courtyard and Close. The new buildings, re-aligned along the ancient urban grain and detailed in a robust palette of materials, are positioned to create a crescendo of space up to the historic fabric. Through the demolition of more recent parts of the brewery fabric, the project unlocks key routes and unseen vistas from The Royal Mile and Holyrood Road towards the historic Brewhouses, Kilns and Arthur's Seat beyond. The new public space enhances the path finding character of the Old Town and contributes to a safe and sustainable community.





Oberlanders Architects LLP

Main Contractor

Watkin Jones

Quantity Surveyor

Watkin Jones

Services Engineer

Watkin Jones

Structural Engineer

Will Rudd Davidson

Primary Use Class

Class C2 - Residential Institutions