West Burn Lane

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Application Type

Civic Trust Awards

Level of Award




Local Authority Area


Information about this scheme

This project provides fourteen unique dwellings of varying size and typology on a gap site on West Burn Lane, located in a conservation area in the historic centre of St Andrews. The buildings are organised as discrete volumes which address a series of public and private urban courtyards. They mediate between the tight-knit medieval urban grain and the scale of the surrounding university buildings and church hall, increasing in scale towards the south. The site is sub-divided into nine plots each containing a free standing building, in turn containing one, two or four dwellings and each varying from its adjacent neighbour, echoing the historical development of the old riggs of Scottish market towns which developed in linear strips from the main market street. The lane has been resurfaced and a widened public area demarked by planters and paving, offers a more generous frontage towards the more open south end of the lane.



Sutherland Hussey Harris


East Acre

Structural Engineer

Morgan Associates

Quantity Surveyor


Landscape Architect

Ironside Farrar

Services Engineer

Keenan Consultancy

Primary Use Class

Class C3 - Dwelling Houses