Civic Trust AABC Conservation Award

The Civic Trust AABC Conservation Award is made to a project which demonstrates the highest standards of historic building conservation. The care, conservation and adaptive re-use of historic buildings call for a variety of skills. These begin with understanding the significances of a historic building in whole and in its constituent parts. We then consider the identification of defects and the diagnosis of problems and functional deficiencies which leads to the development of an approach - a conservation philosophy appropriate to the specific circumstances of the project.

Works of repair, remediation and, where appropriate, adaptation which are both technically and philosophically sound are then formulated. These works are documented, contracts let and managed. Now the skills focus passes to the craftsmen and craftswomen who will execute the work, adding their knowledge and experience to the process. The not infrequent discovery of the unexpected calls for a collaborative response until all is successfully completed.

Entries must demonstrate this broad range of skills in an overall project description. Exceptional qualities of the entry can then be described. These may include conservation of the rare and fragile, subtle remediation of structural problems or careful adaptation to meet current needs, all securing the ongoing life and value of the building. We therefore seek the demonstration of virtuosic skills that will inspire others.

The AABC Conservation Panel is a representative group of experts who make the final decision on the level of awards to be given, ensuring national (and international) consistency.

This year's Panel Members;

Chloe Granger

Simon Malam

Neal Charlton

Neil Burton