The Civic Trust Awards scheme raises awareness of the important role played by high quality architecture, landscape and urban design and enhancing the quality of the environment. The programme encourages higher standards across the UK and Internationally by rewarding outstanding projects in all fields of environmental design.

The Civic Trust Awards relies on the hard work and support of hundreds of voluntary judges. All entries are judged (and visited where possible) regardless of location, size or scale.

Regions have their own assessment teams who provide feedback, commenting on the aesthetics, design quality, accessibility, sustainability and community imapct of the scheme.

Each assessment visit can take up to one hour per scheme and in some areas, due to the number of projects submitted, a number of visits can be completed by the assessment team in one day.

Assessment visits take place during September and October.

Please CLICK HERE to complete the online application form to become a Civic Trust Awards Assessor.

The Assessment Team

Architect Assessor – their role is to consider the architectural and design merits of the scheme in addition to other aspects of design such as sustainability and civic contribution. In the absence of a Universal Design Assessor, we ask that the Architect Assessor also consider access within their feedback.

Universal Design Assessor – their role is to ensure that the scheme has been designed with the needs of all users in mind. This ranges from people with decreased mobility, to parents with small children, to people with sensory impairments and everything in-between. UD assessors are also required to provide feedback on whether the project should be considered for the Selwyn Goldsmith Award for Universal Design.

Community Assessor – their role is to provide feedback on the civic contribution of the scheme. How has it delivered a positive social, cultural, economic or environmental benefit to the local community? The Community Assessor can be a practicing architect, professional or non-professional representative with an interest in the built environment. This can include representatives from community groups and civic societies. In areas where we have an abundance of Architect Assessors, more than one Architect may be assigned to the Team and will appear under the Community Assessor Category.

We endeavour to assign Assessors local to the projects to be visited, as well as offering the opportunity to undertake Assessments to as many volunteers as possible.

In some cases (where available), the assessment team may be accompanied by:

Local Authority Representative – their role is to provide background information on the planning issues relating to each scheme. Where appropriate, the LA Rep will provide feedback on the Local Authorities opinion of the scheme in question.

Student Representative - In some areas, we are providing an opportunity for architecture students (University level) to accompany and shadow the assessment team on their visits. Student representatives will have read-only access to the application system and assessment feedback, providing them with a valuable learning opportunity. Where student representatives have been assigned, we ask that the assessor team offer their full support.

At the end of the assessment day(s) the team must have a consensus on what level of award the scheme is put forward for. Each member of the team must then submit a report on each scheme taken from their view point. 

Please CLICK HERE to complete the online application form to become a Civic Trust Awards Assessor.

Benefits of becoming an Assessor

  • Personal and professional development
  • Opportunity to contribute your thoughts and ideas to the Civic Trust Award scheme
  • Opportunity to benchmark standards and exchange ideas with other stakeholders
  • Opportunity to network with other industry professionals
  • Chance to gain a detailed understanding of the Civic Trust Awards standard and its processes
  • An opportunity to visit some of the most interesting and significant schemes in the UK and Europe
  • A free copy of the Annual Civic Trust Awards Winners' Brochure