How to Apply

The 2024 application round is NOW CLOSED. 

Schemes eligible for the 2024 Application Round must be completed between 1st January 2019 and 1st September 2023 - this includes any surrounding areas which form part of the design.

Projects can be entered into the following categories:

  • Civic Trust Awards "Standard" (an individual building, structure or space)
  • Civic Trust Awards "Large/Multi-Use Projects" (multiple buildings,use classes, structures or spaces on one site by the same architecture practice)
  • Pro-Tem Awards (for temporary projects or installations)
  • AABC Conservation Awards

Please ensure that you enter your project into the correct category. Should your project be entered into the incorrect category, then unfortunately it will be deemed unsuccessful at the first stage assessment. 

Application Guidance

The online application system offers promts throughout to assist you with guidance for submitting your entry.

Supporting Documentation

Your application must be accompanied by the following supporting documentation and uploaded as part of your submission. These drawings are made available to assessors and National Panel to view online:

  • Site Context Plan (PDF format) - please include a site plan of the scheme of sufficient scale to show the site in relation to streetscape and surrounding buildings. A multiple page PDF can be submitted (max file size 5MB per PDF)
  • Ground floor plans and cross sections (PDF format) must AS CONSTRUCTED drawings if the application is for a building, at suitable scale. If the project is an extension or conversion, before and after plans should be submitted and clearly labelled, or the extension marked in a red colour for clarity. For landscaping or public realm projects, a plan showing scheme layout/scheme details can be included. A multiple page PDF can be submitted (max file size 5MB per PDF).
  • Landscaping Plan (PDF format) for landscaping schemes, public realm projects, or where hard/soft landscaping forms part of the application, a plan showing scheme layout/scheme details can be included. A multiple page PDF can be submitted (max file size 5MB per PDF).
  • Reuse/Adaptation Projects (PDF Format) If the scheme is a Reuse/Adaption project, extension or conversion, or for AABC Conservation Awards entries, before and after plans should be submitted and clearly labelled. Additions/extensions should be marked in red for clarity. Before and after pictures can also be included within this multiple page PDF which will be used for judging purposes only and not for production of the brochure

Applicants should also submit up to 20 individual photos (30 for Multi-Use Projects) of the scheme. Photos must be supplied in high resolution JPEG format (not PDF or TIFF) within the max 5MB limit. All photos must be clean images (free from borders, notes, text etc) and must not be a picture collage. Supporting images should include:

  • Context Photos - Photos of the scheme taken from a distance are essential from at least two view-points to demonstrate the context in which the scheme fits within its surroundings (max file size 5MB per image)
  • Scheme Photos - both external and internal (if the application is for a building). Photos should be selected to give a sense of the scheme and provide view-points from multiple elevations (max file size 5MB per image). Photos of specific detailing or materials should only be provided where these are essential to the judging process.

Images supplied at application stage are used for production of the winners’ brochure and on our website.

Images should show building in use.

For buildings that have undergone restoration, this must be clearly identified within the application and with before and after pictures wherever possible. Before & after pictures can be included within a PDF upload in the supporting documents sections.

DO NOT INCLUDE ANY SPECIAL CHARACTERS OR SYMBOLS when labelling/crediting images, as this will corrupt the file, for example  ©   @

Applicants are also encouraged to provide a short video (max 1 minute) of the scheme. A link to the video (hosted on YouTube or similar platform) should be included as part of your application. 

Please note, all applicants must have the permission of the copyright owner before submitting photographs with their entry. The Civic Trust Awards scheme reserves the right to utilise any photos submitted for publicity purposes. All winning schemes will be featured in the Civic Trust Awards Brochure.

The Civic Trust Awards can retain the information provided in your application (including supporting information) and may use it for the promotion of the Civic Trust Awards scheme or any associated business. Applicant details will not be traded or sold to third parties without prior consent. Information may be shared with Civic Trust Awards sponsors where this is appropriate and with our media partners for the purposes of offering the opportunity to purchase advertisements in the Awards brochure. Please notify us via email ( if you do not wish us to provide your contact details to our sponsors or partners.