Rules of Entry

The online application guidance notes for our next application round are now available to download by CLICKING HERE - this will assist you when completing your online submission and includes step-by-step instructions for completing each stage of the application form.

Who Can Enter?

Entries can be made by anyone closely connected with a project, so long as the permission of the owner and occupier of the scheme has been obtained prior to entering.

Completion Date

For 2021 entries, schemes must be completed between 1st January 2018 and 1st September 2020 - this includes any surrounding areas, landscaping and car parking which form part of the design. The completion window is indicative, if your scheme falls outside this window, please email us to enquire whether it can be entered

Opening/Closing Date

The 2021 Application Round will open on Monday 1st June 2020 and close on Friday 24th July 2020. Entries must be submitted on line by 5pm on Friday 24th July 2020. Please note we do not offer an extension to this deadline.

Internal Schemes

Wholly internal schemes are not eligible to apply unless the scheme is accessible to the public (i.e. internal restoration of a historic building/museum etc). However, internal aspects will be considered as part of the assessment process.


Schemes must be visible to the public - it must be possible to see most of it, all year round, from a public thoroughfare. Private buildings that are regularly used by large numbers of people, for instance schools or commercial buildings, are considered visible. Entry fees cannot be returned if the judges decide the scheme is not visible.

Large, Phased Projects

Fully completed phases of large projects (including any landscaping or ancillary works) are eligible to apply. Entrants should state in the scheme description how the phase relates to the project as a whole, and indicate the project’s total size and expected completion date. Judges visiting the scheme must be able to fully assess any completed phase of the project. If our judges decide that the scheme cannot be fully assessed due to the incomplete nature of the scheme or any adjacent works, then the application will be considered unsuccessful. In such instances, resubmission will be permitted at a later date (additional application fee payable).

Please note: We do not accept multiple buildings submitted under one application. If you submit multiple buildings offering differing use classes, design approaches/standards etc, your application may be deemed unsuccessful or withdrawn.

Private Houses & Housing Schemes

Private houses are eligible but must demonstrate how their project contributes to the debate on topics such as density, sustainability and social mix (e.g. affordable homes). Entrants are reminded that the building must be visible to the public.

Temporary Projects or Installations

Traditionally, the Civic Trust Awards has promoted the concept of longevity and permanence; however we now actively encourage applications from temporary projects or installations. For any scheme that has a design life of less than 5 years, or is considered to be a transient building/structure (such as a touring art installation) can be submitted for a Pro-Tem Civic Trust Award via the relevant online application form.

Conservation Projects

For projects that involve the repair, remediation and where appropriate, adaptation of a historic building, these should be submitted for consideration via the Civic Trust Awards AABC Conservation Award online application form.


Entries made in previous years cannot be resubmitted unless the judges decided the entry was premature/incomplete. The entrant will have been informed that their scheme will be reconsidered.


Should relevant circumstances come to light that had not been known at the time of judging an award may be withheld.

Final Decision

The decision of the National Panel is final. The Panel do not enter into any correspondence regarding the decision. 

Winning Projects – Plaques for Display

All winning projects will be presented with a plaque for permanent display at the successful scheme. Applicants agree to install the plaque within 3 months of the winner’s announcement at the Awards Ceremony.