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Civic Trust Awards

PDF - Customised Winners Certificate

£55.00 + VAT

Shipping: Free


Available to all organisations involved in Special Awards, Civic Trust Awards, Pro Tem Awards, Selwyn Goldsmith Awards, AABC Conservation Awards, Highly Commended and Regional Finalists.

The PDF Certificate can feature any organisations involved in the project from any year dating back to 1959 and will be emailed to you, allowing multiple print resolution copies to be produced independently.

Details Section: Please confirm which credits you wish to appear on your certificate. 

If you wish for all credits to appear on the certificate as listed in brochure/website then state "As Original" 

If you would prefer to feature only your own Role/Organisation or customise the certificate to feature an edited/amended list of credits, then please include this in the "Details Section"

£55 + VAT (£66 inc VAT)