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Civic Trust Awards
Bracklinn Falls Bridge

Bracklinn Falls Bridge

Stirling, Scotland

Civic Trust Awards Citation

The Bracklinn Falls Bridge spans the captivating waterfall on the Keltie Water in Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. 

A downstream bridge has existed for at least two centuries, with the first ever bridge to span the gorge at Bracklinn consisting of two logs, covered with branches, and overlaid with turf. An edition of the bridge structure was sketched by JMW Turner in 1834 and a later construction was built for the 1870 visit of Queen Victoria. A long-standing bridge was destroyed by flooding in 2004, and a 2010 timber replacement installed at a higher level was removed in 2021 due to structural deterioration, attesting to the harsh environment of the site. The new 22m long x 2m wide bridge, serving as a long-term replacement for the previous structures lost to floods or deterioration, is an exemplary low-cost, low-carbon, lightweight, and long-life construction. Completed under highly challenging conditions with a fast-track program, the bridge successfully re-establishes community access to the natural asset of Bracklinn Falls. 

Its significance lies not only in its structural role but also as a key element on a series of country walks in the National Park, offering locals and visitors a platform to pause and appreciate the scenic waterfalls the stunning surrounding landscape. The modular construction, with the predominant use of corten, enhances the bridge's functionality, allowed for easy transportation through forest tracks and efficient assembly on site. The choice of corten, particularly in its muted colour, complements the forest setting and harmonises with the changing colours of the leaves throughout the seasons.

Beyond its aesthetic and functional qualities, the Bracklinn Falls Bridge is a piece of significant public infrastructure, serving the local community and drawing visitors to the area. The commitment of the project team is evident in the successful delivery of a well-considered structure that not only meets its site and brief requirements of requiring a 120-year design life, but also adds value to users' experiences. 

Completed within 8 months of appointment, on-site construction was undertaken by a team of three over the course of six weeks in the depths of winter, including a six-day process to launch the structure across the gorge. The bridge was opened to the public on the 29th March 2023 and is fast becoming a beloved focal point for those who enjoy the walks and visit the Falls.

Judges’ Comments: “The Bracklinn Falls Bridge is a shining example of how thoughtful design and construction can contribute to and align seamlessly with the natural beauty of its surroundings.”

Bracklinn Falls Bridge
Bracklinn Falls Bridge
Bracklinn Falls Bridge
Bracklinn Falls Bridge
Bracklinn Falls Bridge
Bracklinn Falls Bridge
Bracklinn Falls Bridge
Bracklinn Falls Bridge

Photography Credits & Captions

Bracklinn Falls Bridge 01.jpg Credit: Timelapse Scotland, Caption: Context Aerial View Bracklinn Falls Bridge 02.jpg Credit: Timelapse Scotland, Caption: Context Plan View Bracklinn Falls Bridge 03.jpg Credit: BEAM Architects, Caption: Context Landscape View Bracklinn Falls Bridge 04.jpg Credit: Timelapse Scotland, Caption: View North Bracklinn Falls Bridge 05.jpg Credit: Timelapse Scotland, Caption: Perforated Steel Structure Bracklinn Falls Bridge 06.jpg Credit: Paul Saunders Photography, Caption: View East Bracklinn Falls Bridge 07.jpg Credit: Paul Saunders Photography, Caption: Axial View on Deck Bracklinn Falls Bridge 08.jpg Credit: BEAM Architects, Caption: Bridge, Bench and Lectern

Overall Result

Highly Commended

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Primary Use Class

F2(c) Areas or places for outdoor sport or recreation

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Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park


BEAM Architects

Structural Engineer

Cake Engineering

Main Contractor

Cake Industries


Big Cat Construction

Checking Engineer

Format Engineers

Client Advisor