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Civic Trust Awards
Brixton House

Brixton House

Lambeth, Greater London

Civic Trust Awards Citation

Brixton House, located in south London, it is not merely a theatre; it is a dynamic cultural hub that resonates with the vibrant spirit of Brixton.

At its core, the design is a harmonious fusion of modern aesthetics and practical functionality. The two fully accessible auditoria, seating 200 and 120 people respectively, showcase a commitment to inclusivity. The seven flexible rehearsal rooms, including a large practice space capable of accommodating entire play sets, not only serve artistic endeavours but also contribute to the community's economic landscape by being available for rent. The new build incorporates state-of-the-art technology, including a sustainable air supply and ventilation system, as well as photo voltaic installations. 

The design doesn't stop at the structure itself; it extends to the entire user experience. Inclusive design features, such as a quiet room born from user feedback at the previous site, reflect thoughtful consideration for the diverse needs of visitors, performers, and workers. Accessibility is paramount, with level access provided throughout the building, flexible seating options, and services like audio descriptions, captions, and British Sign Language performances. The architectural prowess extends to the technical aspects, with wheelchair-accessible lighting grids in both theatres, a rarity in the industry. The attention to detail is evident in tactile-relief signage, adjustable environmental controls, and consistent placement of outlets, creating a cohesive and user-friendly environment. 

Brixton House takes on a crucial community role, acting as a transition building for a larger housing project, it signifies a proactive approach to community development. The provision of low-rent incubator office space for local art-based businesses fosters creativity and entrepreneurship, making it a true cultural cornerstone in Brixton.

Judges’ Comments: “Brixton House transcends the traditional definition of a theatre. It embraces sustainability and accessibility, showcasing a commitment to the arts and the people it serves.”

Brixton House
Brixton House
Brixton House
Brixton House
Brixton House
Brixton House
Brixton House
Brixton House
Brixton House
Brixton House
Brixton House
Brixton House
Brixton House

Photography Credits & Captions

Brixton-House-001.jpg, Credit: Hufton+Crow, Caption: Brixton House Exterior Brixton-House-002.jpg, Credit: Hufton+Crow, Caption: Brixton House Exterior Brixton-House-003.jpg, Credit: Hufton+Crow, Caption: Brixton House Exterior Brixton-House-004.jpg, Credit: Hufton+Crow, Caption: Foyer Brixton-House-005.jpg, Credit: Hufton+Crow, Caption: Foyer Brixton-House-006.jpg, Credit: Hufton+Crow, Caption: Cafe/Bar Brixton-House-007.jpg, Credit: Hufton+Crow, Caption: Cafe/Bar Brixton-House-008.jpg, Credit: Hufton+Crow, Caption: Studio Theatre 1 Brixton-House-009.jpg, Credit: Hufton+Crow, Caption: Studio Theatre 1 Brixton-House-010.jpg, Credit: Hufton+Crow, Caption: Stairwell Brixton-House-011.jpg, Credit: Hufton+Crow, Caption: Rehearsal Studio 4 Brixton-House-012.jpg, Credit: Hufton+Crow, Caption: Studio 1 Brixton-House-013.jpg, Credit: Hufton+Crow, Caption: Exterior

Overall Result

Highly Commended

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Primary Use Class

Sui Generis

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Foster Wilson Size


Brixton House


Lambeth Council

Main Contractor

Galliford Try

Structural Engineer


Quantity Surveyor

Currie & Brown


Turner & Townsend

Acoustic Consultant

Gillieron Scott Acoustic Design

Landscape Architect

Hyland Edgar Driver

Theatre Consultant


Graphic Design


Project Manager


Services Engineer

Dodd Group